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Automated Production Lines Investment

GOOD NEWS!! On Apr 15th, 2022, as the final testing is done, Galaxy Tin announces that 2 more automatic production lines had been put into production in the No.4 workshop. An automated production line is a production system for all or part of the manufacturing process combined by

Introduction To Raw Materials Of Iron Box Packaging

The raw material used in the iron box is tinplate, which originated abroad. This place has been rich in metals since ancient times, with advanced technology, and knows how to use water to engage in machine manufacturing. Tinplate has been produced since the 14th century. Later, it made a large numbe

Bathing In The Spring Breeze Of "Technology"

In the new century, technology is constantly advancing. In this regard, the company should also introduce technology to achieve further economic benefits. In order to achieve the further development of the company's economic benefits, the company's internal personnel should work tirelessly t

New Environment, New Image, New Scene, Great Development

Under the leadership of the company’s management team, Galaxy Tin will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of “forge ahead, adamancy, firm belief, and bound to achieve” and increase innovation, continuously improve product quality and service quality. We are following the phil

Intelligent Automation Brings Brand New Spring To Galaxy Tin

The core of the company is talented people, and the injection of talented people is the prerequisite for the company's development. As a modern enterprise, it must be people-oriented. The carrier of technology is people, the production of technology is also people, and talents are the key t

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