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Automated Production Lines Investment

Automated Production Lines Investment

Apr 15,2022


On Apr 15th, 2022, as the final testing is done, Galaxy Tin announces that 2 more automatic production lines had been put into production in the No.4 workshop.

Automated Production Lines Investment

An automated production line is a production system for all or part of the manufacturing process combined by a workpiece transmission system and a control system, a few sets of automatic machine beds and auxiliary devices.

Reasons For Investing Intelligent lines In Galaxy Tin:

1.Reduce Operating Costs
In addition to saving labor, the robot implements procedural automation, increasing part accuracy, thereby reducing the waste of materials in operation.

2.Increase Workers' Safety
The worker relieves harmful tasks through the automation unit.

3.Shorten The Delivery Time Of The Manufacturer
Automation can accelerate the production process, improve process control, and greatly shorten the delivery time.

4.High Quality
By adaptive control and monitoring through various stages of the industrial process, these systems have successfully eliminated the human error, thus improving the quality and homogeneity of the product provided. After a few hours of continuous work, performance is not affected.

In the future, Galaxy Tin will invest more automation production equipments and move towards an intelligent high-tech factory with few workers amid the workshop.