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Intelligent Automation Brings Brand New Spring To Galaxy Tin

Intelligent Automation Brings Brand New Spring To Galaxy Tin

Jan 05,2020

The core of the company is talented people, and the injection of talented people is the prerequisite for the company's development. As a modern enterprise, it must be people-oriented. The carrier of technology is people, the production of technology is also people, and talents are the key to competitiveness. The future economy is, in its essence, an intellectual economy. The needs of the economy and its development trend will inevitably have a huge impact on science and technology. The "new economy" requires intelligence, and this kind of research and application promote each other, influence each other, and develop together.

Adopting automatic lines have a sufficiently large output; the goal is "stable, accurate, and fast". The product design and process are advanced and stable, and remain basically unchanged for a long time. The use of automatic lines in mass production can stabilize and improve product quality, improve labor conditions, shorten production cycles, ensure production balance, and have significant economic benefits.

Since 2017, Galaxy Tin dared to take the lead and increased the investment in fully automatic production lines. The annual output of the tin boxes especially the round tin boxes increased by 50%, which far exceeded the annual production target, and laid a solid foundation for continued expansion of production scale in the future.